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Pastor Brian

Hello!  I think this is the section where I'm supposed to stress my normalcy and share my credentials, hobbies, and interests as well as how much my family (wife-Caralyn; daughters--Charlotte, Lorelei, and Juliette) absolutely love Gainesville (we do!), love the Gators (we do!), and other little nuggets about me or my family.  Instead of dropping my bio here though, I would much rather get to know you; and you know me through a shared conversation.  Maybe we have lots in common; or maybe the only thing we have in common is that Jesus loved you and me so much that he lived, bled, died, and rose for us.  That wouldn't be a bad starting point. Either way, I would love to meet you, perhaps over a local brewed coffee or beer.  Give me a call or drop me a line at 352-727-1133 (cell phone) or

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