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To our good friends, neighbors, and greater Gainesville community wondering and concerned about the suspended construction,

Thank you to all who have reached out in curiosity or concern over the last couple of years. We so appreciate the extensions of empathy, encouragement, and offers of help.


Zion Lutheran Church has long hoped, prayed, and planned for the timeless message of the gospel to be reflected in a beautiful new sanctuary building--a building in which to lift both voice and spirit for generations to come. 


We remain committed to provide that sanctuary in order to improve our church facilities and grounds as well as to serve our community.  We regret the construction delay due to unfortunate issues that require additional time to resolve.  It is not prudent for us to publicly share those details at this time.  We ask for your patience and look forward to the restart and completion of the project as soon as these issues can be resolved.  We thank our building team, our contractor, Rusty Kinnard of Quality Line Homes, for his ongoing support and assistance, along with all the subcontractors who have been involved with the construction.


In the meantime we at Zion remain committed to our mission to love and serve; and we look forward to the day when we can be an even better asset to the community with beautiful new facilities.  


Love, your neighbors and Gainesville family at Zion Lutheran Church 

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